Luísa de Fátima Guerra Caponzo – JC Estalagem – Luanda – Angola

My name is Luísa de Fátima Guerra Caponzo. I live in the Viana municipality, in the KM9\A neighbourhood. I am a missionary and  give service as an assistant of the moon group. I was guided to the World Messianic Church on the 10th of September of 2001, by Cristina Sampaio a full member of the church. The reasons that brought me to the church were illness, family conflicts and poverty.

I suffered with intense toothaches that caused my face to become swollen and constant headaches during 5 years. To solve this problem, I went to many hospitals wasting large sums of money and other material goods, but without good results. I also started to have conflicts with my family.

During that stage, a sister-in-law  who lived with us, used to steal objects from the house and other family members would end up being accused of such practices. Since I was aware of those practices, they started to think that I was a witch. Hence, there was a lot of blame being thrown around and eventually family members decided to go to sangomas to find out who was stealing the goods. she got afraid, she placed all the stolen goods back in the right place.

I went through 17 years of suffering with my husband, who has passed away. He was unemployed because of his addiction to alcoholic beverages. That caused our financial conditions to be very critical.

It was in this state of suffering that I was guided to the Messianic Church, where I was received by a missionary that, after listening to my suffering, guided me the following:

  • Receive 10 Johrei per day
  • Keep the flower of light at home
  • Participate in the morning and afternoon service
  • Do the self-examination of faith
  • Read the teachings of Meishu Sama
  • Pilgrimage to places with greater light.

I followed the basic practices without difficulty. A month later, I started getting better and thanked God with a special donation until the feeling of becoming a full member arose in my heart to participate in the salvation of other people. With this goal, I made the donation to receive the Ohikari.

  The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to the prayers, distribution of flowers, cleaning and religious assistance.

My husband was a police officer for many years. One day, he caught a disease that prevented him from working for 8 years. During that period, he received a medical board that allowed him to stay at home and he did several treatments. After he recovered, he went to work but was not allowed to return as he needed to show a medical report.

He went to the hospital to find the doctor in order to get his medical report. But, for his surprise, the doctor was on vacation. Time was passing and the doctor didn’t give the medical report and, without it, he couldn’t work so he ended up leaving the police. Some years later, he started an application to receive his pension. Ten years passed without him being allowed to receive it. With this suffering, family and friends would mock him because he lived in a rented house and couldn’t afford to build his own.

With this situation, I told him about the church. I also told him that what was happening was the manifestation of his ancestors. Sometimes I would channel Johrei to him, but he still didn’t react.

During this quarantine, aware that the church is closed, I decided to focus on the practices of faith at home according to the guidelines received online from the morning and afternoon prayers in conjunction with the headquarters of the World Messianic Church of Africa: pray, do deep cleanings, flower distributions, give religious assistance in the neighbours’ houses and make a donation asking for forgiveness to my husband’s  ancestors and to my ancestors. With this dedication, 30 days later, my husband who was in the Cuanza Norte province, called me very happy saying he received a call from social security to sign the documents and that his application to receive his military pension was accepted. With this blessing, I thanked God from the bottom of my heart with a special donation.

In one of the homes that I take care of, they lived with illness and constant conflicts because of screams they heard at home without knowing where  they came from and why. After making the march of Johrei with the family, made prayers, read the teachings and did the flower workshop, the spiritual environment of the house became lighter. Everything changed, harmony is a reality now and the health problems were overcome. The owner of the house already makes flower arrangements at home and wishes to take part in the basic Sanguetsu classes. Happy with these events, they expressed gratitude with a special donation.

I am a registered full member, I tithe correctly and take care of 3 families. I have a shift at the Johrei Center,  make the Sorei-Saishi and  have a home vegetable garden. With the permission of God and my ancestors, I guided 180 people to the church, of which 5 became full members.

I learned from this testimony of faith that Meishu Sama is in fact in charge of everything and we don’t receive blessings when we don’t put the guidance received into practice.

My commitment is to focus on the basic practices of faith of our church to better accomplish my mission on earth and to participate in the construction of the Sacred Grounds of Africa.

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for giving me the permission of having found this wonderful path of salvation. My gratitude extends to the ministers, center heads, full members and members and to everyone who listened to my testimony of faith.


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