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My name is Celina Maria da Fonseca Neto. I am a full member, live in Vila Fernanda and give service at the above mentioned Formation Center.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of São Tomé and Príncipe on the 27th of July 2006, by brother Diogo João da Cruz Lima, a missionary of this church.

The reasons that brought me to the church were: Diabetes, kidney infection, arterial hypertension, stress, heart malfunction and insomnia. These sufferings lasted for about 5 years.

To solve these diseases, I resorted to medicine and went through medical exams, clinical analysis and many treatments. Since nothing changed I decided to go to healers and went to 21 houses of healers where I was subjected to many traditional treatments such as leave-baths, various teas and others. I had a protector of the garden whose commitment was to light 2 candles on Mondays and Fridays, with a torch made of palm oil.

Even after I followed these guidelines deeply, the situation didn’t get better.

I also went to the house of a very famous healer who had recently arrived from Gabon. During his magic tricks, he told my son that my problems had no solution, as my spirit was already weak and soon I would go to the spiritual world.

He also said that as soon as I died, my son would have to tell him.

It was when  brother Diogo, touched with my situation, invited me to attend the church. In that same day, he prayed at my house, put the flower in all the compartments, gave me Johrei and, the next day, he brought me to the church.

I was received by a missionary who listened to me attentively and guided me to receive a lot of Johrei every day for 2 months, keeping the flower of light at home. As I was looking to be saved, I fulfilled the guidance without difficulties for 2 months. During this time I purified a lot but  didn’t give up because I always had support from the full members who gave me Johrei. After overcoming that purification, everything I was feeling got better and my health improved. With this blessing I woke up and materialized a donation of gratitude for the first blessing received, the donation to receive the Ohikari and I received the Ohikari the same year.

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to taking care of people and the blessings received.

In January of this year, we were gifted with a visit from the president of the World Messianic Church of Africa, reverend Claudio Cristiano Leal Pinheiro.

In the seminar done at the headquarters of Palmar on the 12th of that month, the president guided us to practice Johrei with our families daily through the march of Johrei and to read the teachings at our homes. I started the dedication and months later the state of emergency to fight the coronavirus was established. At home I continued to practice the dedication and family members and neighbors started to gather at my house to participate every day in the march of Johrei.

Two weeks later my son, who was a member, suddenly turned against me. My daughter started to clash with the neighbor’s children, causing conflicts that made me ashamed, sad and worried about continuing the dedication. Fortunately, after telling what happened to my superior he made me understand that when light comes into a family, purification is a natural consequence. After I heard that, I renewed my commitment thanking God for the purification and continued following the guidance. To my surprise, 2 days later, the neighbors who participated in the march of Johrei brought more people to receive Johrei.

Two months after that dedication and after the purification, a lady of approximately 28 years, from the island of Príncipe came to my house with a baby on her arms. She said her son had a mysterious disease and, despite being 2 years old, he could only lay down, his head was not straight and his hands were folded together. It was a big suffering for both of them. Even after going to hospitals and doing many medical exams, the doctors couldn’t figure out anything about the disease. Over the years, a medical board tried several times to send the boy to be treated abroad, but nothing worked. They went to many healer houses where one of them said that all the bones in the baby’s body were broken and he had dêvê (a spiritual debt). The debt needed to be paid so he could be better. Even after all that the child did not get any better.

Coincidentally, she is now in the island of São Tomé and living in the house of her sister-in-law, who is one of the neighbors that receives Johrei in my house.

After listening to her, I invited her to come to my home altar, we prayed together and I gave Johrei to both of them for one hour. From that day on I started taking care of her and she came to my house every day for the march of Johrei during the lockdown. On the 14th of June, we dedicated together making Ikebanas. She took one for herself and another for her sister-in-law. Three days later she got in a conflict with her sister-in-law, was kicked out of her house and as she had nowhere to go, I took her in. We went to the altar to thank God for the purification with a special donation and handed everything into the hands of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama. She is currently living with me, which allowed me to take better care of her. Her son already has strength to stand up, his head straightened up and his overall physical aspect is better. The mother was contacted to urgently go to the medical board so she can provide the details for the baby’s evacuation to Portugal, so he can receive proper medical attention.

Blessings received:                              

I have a grandson who left for the Cáritas de São Tomé orphanage when he was a year and a half old and was adopted by a couple from São Tomé and Principe when he was 2 years old. For over 20 years I did not know my grandson’s whereabouts. I thought I had lost him forever and, according to the information that I got at the time, he was taken to another country.

On the 19th of June this year, when I left the Formation Center of Quilombo after doing my shift, while on my way back home I saw the director of the Cáritas de São Tomé orphanage who said to me:” Ms. Celina, did you know that your grandson is here in São Tomé?”

Shocked, I replied:” Grandson?!” She said:” Yes. Your grandson. A boy who was delivered to the orphanage by his father and was adopted by a couple when he was 2 years old.” Then the sad memory involving my daughter, who has passed away, came to my mind. She gave birth to the baby and, for reasons that I do not know, she threw away the baby. I would get the baby back but she threw him back in the trash. This happened many times until the baby’s father decided to take him to the orphanage when he was only one-and-a-half years old. After this flashback, with tears running down my eyes, I said that I did want to see him.

But, as she didn’t have time to get him, she got my cellphone number to make another appointment.

By the will of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, on the 1st of June, the boy went to the lady’s workplace and she invited me to meet my grandson, who is currently 23 years old. When I got close to him, I felt a strong feeling of gratitude to the Messiah Meishu-Sama and tears rolled  down  my face. Even though I did not recognize the man who was before me and had the same blood as me, we hugged and I invited him to come with me to the Formation Center with the goal of praying to thank God for this moment. I materialized the donation to thank the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and I took him to my house so he could meet his family. The next day I took him to meet his father’s family. He is now living at my house, is a member and helps me with my dedications.

I learned that when we receive a guidance we need to put it into practice even if we don’t understand it, as it is the key that opens the door so we can deserve the blessings of God!

My commitment is to focus more on the Divine work and  participate in the construction of paradise and the salvation of humanity, centered on a faith that connects us to the Messiah Meishu-Sama!

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for the permission that they granted me to know this wonderful path of salvation.

To all those who listened to my testimony of faith, my sincere gratitude.

Thank you


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