Elisa Naite Estevão – JC Cunje – Bié/Angola

My name is Elisa Naite Estevão. I am a full member and give service as an assistant in the liturgy.

I was guided to the Messianic Church in 2008 by my uncle Avelino Costa Pedro Chimano, who is now in the spiritual world.

The reason that brought me to the church was illness. I passed out constantly and, whenever this happened, I would take the whole day to recover. For example, if I fainted at 8am I would only wake up at 1am the following day.

This situation worried my family and husband a lot, getting to the point of us divorcing. This disease lasted for four years.

To try to solve this problem, we looked for many hospitals and sangomas. I went to a total of 16 sangomas, having wasted large amounts of money with no  results.

It was in this state of suffering that I met the Messiah Meishu-Sama and Johrei. At the Johrei center I was received by a missionary that guided me to do the basic practices of the messianic faith.

I followed the guidance received without any difficulties and, in a short period of time, the disease that tormented me for a long time was overcome. I would like to highlight that on the first day I received Johrei, once I arrived home, I had an attack and fainted. My family decided to take me to the church where I received Johrei until the end of the afternoon and, to everyone’s surprise, I recovered in a short period of time. That left everyone perplexed! I confess that after that day I didn’t pass out again.

The testimony of faith that I would like to share with you is related to the practice of donation and the prayer.

In November of the previous year I had a dream with the Messiah Meishu-Sama. He was together with  a disciple that carried books. Meishu-Sama came to me and asked how my dedications were going and if I was doing my donations correctly. The disciple that accompanied him, opened a book with the name of everyone that tithed and confirmed saying “She does all the donations! ”. “And what about guiding people , have you been doing it?” questioned Meishu-Sama. The disciple looked at the book and said ‘In the past she did but, she stopped a long time ago.’ I actually stopped guiding people to the church with the excuse that I did not have time since I work from Monday to Saturday. I only did my shift in the liturgy. Meishu-Sama, after listening to my explanation, said: “From now on, before you go to work, you need to guide people to the church at the church’s door, give service  cleaning the toilet and make 3 special donations. One for the construction of the Messianic Temple, one for the paving of the headquarters of the World Messianic Church of Africa and another for the construction of the formation centre.

I told this dream to my superior and he said he would help me fulfill the guidance. During this period, I was purifying with a lot of pains. After materializing the last special donation, the purification intensified. Even while receiving religious assistance, the purification didn’t get any better. The pains were so strong I was unable to sleep.

On a Wednesday of march of the current year, I decided to participate in the march of Johrei. Arriving at the johrei center, the center head realized that my belly was very big and that it looked as I was pregnant. He asked me” What is in your belly? It is swollen, right?”. After the service, he prayed with me and guided me to receive a lot of Johrei. At night when I was at home at 2am, the size of my belly increased and I started feeling strong pains that felt like labour pains. I immediately called my superior who prayed with me over the phone for an hour. During that time the pains decreased and I fell asleep.

In the morning my family members came to visit me. They saw my state of health and, as one of them is a nurse she said “this girl is about to give birth! She is having labour pains!”. They immediately took me to the hospital. Arriving there, they stated that the baby was close and I was quickly transferred to the labour room. My family was very surprised and were mumbling between themselves, asking how come I am pregnant if they never saw a man at my house. Since the pains were very strong, the nurses gave me an injection. While they were preparing the labour room, I had a vision with a young lady coming into my room who sat next to me and said” My name is (and she said her name) I come from (and she said where she comes from) where your father fought! In a nice day I came from a farm looking for food to feed my kids. Your dads’ brother-in-law raped me and killed me with your dad’s gun forcing me to abandon my husband and kids! You know, I wanted revenge! I wanted you to come to the place where I live and make your family feel all the anguish that my family felt. I wanted to kill you at 2am. What saved you was calling your pastor and those prayers didn’t only help you but also helped me. That is why I am taking my child! Be well!’. Then she disappeared.

The midwife, watching me, noticed that the baby was gone! Frightened, she called her co-workers and nobody believed, claiming that it was magic, that they had never seen anything like a baby, who was about to be born, disappear in the blink of an eye. They called my family members, explained what happened and asked them to take me home. At that very moment, I asked them to call my father. I asked if he knew the place the spirit had spoken of. He said he knew and fought in that locality. I asked if his brother-in-law had raped and killed a nine-month pregnant woman. He confirmed that he had, and he had never forgotten that incident. My father was scared and asked how I knew about that incident if I was not yet born and only a few people knew it! He left the room very disturbed.

My aunts called me various names, because they didn’t understand how a person in the labour room, ready to give birth, has her baby disappearing! But my cousin defended me saying;” I live with Elisa and I have never seen a man coming inside the house. She cannot be pregnant! My family took me home while still mumbling. I remained silent. The curious thing is that since that day all the pains I felt disappeared completely.

When my superior arrived at my house, I explained what had happened. I also said that my father confirmed everything and left the room scared. My superior guided me to look for my father and talk to him. Since he did not know the law of cause and effect, I needed to ask for forgiveness for going against his common sense and guided me to make an Ikebana and visit him. Coincidentally, on Sunday of the same week, we had a flower workshop at the Johrei Center where the person in charge asked each one to offer their Ikebana to their father or husband. So, I was advised to offer it to my father since I don’t have a husband or boyfriend. I followed the guidance, talked a lot with my father and, in the end, I felt very good.

With this testimony of faith, I learned that whatever we sow, sooner or later we or our descendants will reap! I was also able to reconfirm the teaching of the Messiah Meishu-Sama that says: “One bears not only one’s own spiritual clouds, but also the spiritual clouds of one’s family!” And through that, I was able to increase my respect for Meishu-Sama.

My commitment is to focus more on the Divine work of the Messiah Meishu-Sama  by making other people happy.

With the permission of Meishu-Sama , I guided 400 people of which 5 became full members. I have a home vegetable garden and tithe correctly. I take care of 3 houses with a total of 29 people.

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation. I thank my uncle that was used to guide me to the church.

To the ministers, members, full members and to everyone who listened to my testimony, thank you very much!


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