Augusta Vissapa Margarida Armindo – Castanheira JC – Bié/Angola

My name is Augusta Vissapa Margarida Armindo and I am 17 years old. I am a full member and give service as an assistant of CriancAfrica and of the liturgy.

The testimony of faith that I now share with you is related to Johrei, reading the teachings and taking care of people.

In one of the services that I had the permission to participate, the Center Head talked about the importance of each one of us taking care of a house and focus on studying the teachings of Meishu-Sama. After the service, I had the chance to reflect that I wasn’t making any difference in other people’s lives and therefore, I was making a debt with God.

With the studying of the teachings I learned that if I wanted to be happy I needed to make other people happy. Therefore, I decided to renew my commitment of taking care of houses.

A few days later, my sister told me that her friend’s mother was very sick. In that same moment, I asked her to call her friend to take me to her house because I wanted to pray with her mom. When I arrived, I found the lady in a pitiful state! Her whole body was covered with wounds from her face to her feet. She had a bad smell that made people stay away from her, had strong headaches and could not eat properly.

She told me that she made many treatments but was disappointed because she couldn’t find a solution. Therefore, she decided to stay at home. As I was worried with the situation I introduced myself as a Messianic, asked if I could do a prayer and she said yes.

We did the deep cleaning at her house and I gave her Johrei, prayed and she ended up sleeping. It’s important to highlight that she couldn’t sleep for 2 months. After the Johrei I thanked them and went home, leaving her resting.

In that same night, I had a dream in which I saw the lady and she thanked me for her recovery. The next day I found her the same way as in the dream: healed. The wounds healed from night to day, only a few wounds in her feet remained, which were also healing. The headaches, which didn’t allow her to sleep, eased and she said she was feeling better than the other days.

I also had the permission to take care of a couple that was in the suffering of alcoholism. They have 2 children but, due to the consumption of alcohol without limits, unfortunately they stopped looking after themselves and their children’s personal hygiene. They got to a point where they walked dirty around the streets. My cousin and I had the permission to do the deep cleaning in their house and make a vegetable garden. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama they changed their behavior and started taking care of their and their children’s hygiene. They are keeping their house in order and reduced considerably their consumption of alcohol.

I am taking care of a young men that has a skin infection. He had bubbles in his whole body so, was embarrassed to go out of his house. As soon as I realized the situation I started giving him religious assistance with Johrei and explained that he didn’t have to feel embarrassed around me because my mission was to give him religious assistance. He should feel free to tell me his problems. Thank God, he is recovering. Some of the bubbles stopped growing and they are in a healing process.

At my school, I have received the permission to give Johrei to my classmates. Some of them ask to receive Johrei.

With these testimonies, I learned that Meishu-Sama is really the Messiah awaited by humanity! And that if we are always available to God, we gain the permission to be used as instruments in the salvation of other people!

My commitment is to focus more onthe channeling of Johrei, as well as to take care of other people, to study the teachings of God revealed to Meishu Sama and to share it with people who did not have contact with them!

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu Sama and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation!

To all those who listened to my testimony of faith, thank you!


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