Emmanuel Luboya – Mbujimayi JC – RDC

My name is Emmanuel Luboya. I am 47 years old, married and father of 6 children. I am an evangelical pastor.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church by a friend, member of the church, because my son had epilepsy.

 My 6-year-old son had been having epileptic seizures since he was four years old. This happened every day. The seizures started suddenly. We rapidly went to the pediatrician, who confirmed that he had epilepsy, and we were prescribed different medications. After a long treatment, no satisfactory results were registered.

The child’s condition got worse to the point of having more than 20 seizures a day. He was suffering, his tongue started getting stuck, he started speaking with difficulties and salivated every time he tried to talk. I started asking pastors of other churches for help, submitting myself to practices of fasting, intersections and other ascetic practices. I went to a lot of clairvoyants and prophets but, the solution was far to be found!

After two years of watching my son with pain every day, desperate, I decided to look for a sangoma (traditional healer) , with the hope of finding at least one solution. It was in this suffering that my friend helped me , showing me the path of salvation that I had been looking for.

My friend told me about the miracles of the World Messianic Church. I doubted, even after the explanations he gave me. I didn’t believe in the spiritual power of any church, especially not one that I never heard of. I say this because I am a pastor of a big church but still could not find a solution for my sons’ problem.

Despite my doubts, I agreed to go to the Johrei Center of Mbujimayi where I was received by a missionary. With a lot of love, he explained the cause of my son’s suffering and guided me the following:

  • Receive at least 10 Johrei per day together with my son,

  • Do the first stage of the self-examination of faith with a daily donation of gratitude,

  • Make a cleaning in the worship hall of the Johrei Center,

  • Keep the flower of light at home.

By practicing such simple things, I experienced miracles that I couldn’t believe! After three days, the seizures disappeared miraculously. The difficulty he had with speaking started to improve. After some days, my son started to speak normally.

As a pastor, I had no words to explain what I was seeing with my own eyes! I made a special donation to thank for this unexpected miracle.

Through this miracle, I learned that Johrei has a miraculous power and I can conclude that The World Messianic Church has a superior power in comparison with other churches!

I am committed to participate in the divine work, become a full member together with my wife and guide other people who are suffering just like I was.

I keep the flower at home, I tithe, I have the vegetable garden and I have been taking the flower to four other houses.

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors who used this purification to grant me access to this truth! I would also like to thank my friend who guided me to this path!

Thank you very much!


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