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My name is Lucrécia Pedro Manuel Pimenta.I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola in November of 2019 by sister Maria Nanjambela João, a full member of the church. The reasons that brought me to the church were constant illness, bad dreams, dizziness and lack of sleep.

 To solve these problems, I went to Sangomas, hospitals and spiritual churches. At  a spiritual church, they told me I was going to die on the 20th of November of 2019. According to them, my days were numbered and done. At the referred church, you need to pay 3000Kz in the entrance and 20.000Kz to get out. To get the permission to have all problems revealed, a value of 18.000Kzs needed to be paid. After paying this value I could prevent what was going to happen to me. They asked me for two Donia perfumes, two of Sandra, a bottle of yellow Top, two packets of salt, two stacks of garlic, eight lemons and two soaps. I didn’t follow this guidance as I was desperate and decided to stay at home to wait for my death! Eight days before the day I was supposed to die, according to the other church, fortunately, sister Maria Nanjambela João appeared and asked me if she could give me Johrei. I accepted her request and, on that same night, I slept well. On the following day she asked me to attend the Sunday service. At the church I was received by a missionary who, after listening to me carefully, guided me to do the following:

Receive 10 Johrei per day, keep the flower of light at home, have a vegetable plot at home, pray for my ancestors, guide other people to the church and participate in the activities programmed by the church. I followed the guidance without doubts and, in less than two weeks, the suffering that took over me for 20 years was overcome!

The testimonies of faith that I would like to share with you are related to the power of Johrei, flower and the cleaning!

During the state of emergency, I decided to focus on guiding other people, in the distribution of flowers at my neighbour’s houses, cleanings and to focus on their suffering as if they were my own!

Relating to Johrei

A woman was suffering with a lot of health problems and went to many paths to solve this situation . Wasting big amount of money, she found no satisfactory solution. The opposite was true: her suffering just kept getting worse every day. She came to my house in order to borrow some money to make another medical appointment. I reflected deeply about the sister’s request and thought to myself:” I will not lend her the money! This is an opportunity that God is giving me to guide her to Meishu-Sama!” I answered “All right but, before everything let us first go to my brother’s house to check if he has the value that you need!” I was referring to a member who was receiving religious assistance from two missionaries at his house. I took her to the missionaries in order to receive Johrei. That was when she received Johrei for three hours! She wasn’t fine when she arrived but left feeling better! On the following day she came to my house asking about what was on those lifted hands. She said:” I could not sleep because of my constant pains. Today I had a good sleep that for fifteen years I couldn’t have!” With this testimony, the sister decided to continue receiving Johrei and is healthy even to the present date!

As a way of expressing her gratitude, she has been talking about the miracle of Johrei to other people and already guided two people with a similar problem  to the one she had.

Relating to the flower

There was a woman whose son would start crying at nine PM and would only stop crying at five AM. This started when the child was nine months old and continued until he was two years old. They did everything to solve this problem, wasted all the material goods they had to solve this problem but obtained no satisfactory results. Desperate, they stayed at home without knowing what to do. Seeing my neighbours suffering I asked her if I could make a prayer at her house. That was when I started to put flowers. Already on the first day, the child slept well at night and did not cry. This impressed everyone. The boy stopped crying and he, who could not walk, today is able to walk! With this miracle this family is now attending the church, in a total of four people.

 With relation to cleaning and Johrei

One of my neighbours has a twelve-year-old daughter who suffered with mental problems for two years. They went through many paths looking for a solution for this problem, wasted a large amount of money but found no satisfactory results. In the end, her husband abandoned the family because of their daughter’s problem. Seeing my neighbour’s suffering, I told her to try to receive a prayer from the Messianic Church. She accepted and I called a missionary to give Johrei to that family. The missionary asked that, before anything, the cleaning needed to be done.

Afterwards, we did the flower workshop and then she channelled Johrei to the girl for three hours. So, the girl fell asleep. On the following day when I went to see how she had passed the night, the mother said she was speechless: “The girl who could not sleep for a very long time, slept well. Since you left yesterday, she is still asleep!” The family is now attending the church.

Her husband who never called to ask about the kid’s health, today, calls almost every day. Since he is in the capital of the country, he promised that as soon as the lockdown ends or the roads are opened he will come to the city of Sumbe!

With relation to the flower

There was an alcoholic lady who was unable to have an official relationship. She would ask for money and didn’t pay the bills. It got to a point where someone entered into her house and messed everything up. I started to do the flower workshop at her house and pray for her for three months. Today, she doesn’t feel like drinking and asking for money to buy alcohol. She did not have the luck of finding an official relationship. Today, she is in an official relationship with a man; they live together and he promised to get married to her!

With this miracle she now does everything that I do: taking the flower to other people, speaking about the power of the flowers and  also guides people to the church.

With relation to the special donation 

My nephew was very ill. Seeing his very critical state, I called the center head to communicate this suffering. I was guided to thank for the purification received by making a special donation. I followed the guidance and my nephew got better!

Blessings received

My husband judged and criticized the church. Whenever he saw us praying, he would get mad and leave angry. Today he already prays with me and we receive Johrei together. A lot of things changed in my life! My sisters, who also criticized the church, after seeing the changes in my life, decided to receive Johrei and to attend our church. A friend offered me a baby kit which included a baby bed , bed sheets, kitchen utensils and a washing machine.

With this testimony, I learned that Meishu-Sama is the Messiah awaited by humanity for thousands of years! And that when we care about other people’s happiness, we also become happy! My commitment is to become a full member to better serve the divine work! I have a vegetable plot, I guided 101 people of which 12 became members. I tithe, make the construction donation and others. I thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama for the permission to find this wonderful path of salvation!

My gratitude to sister Maria Nanjambela João, who served as an instrument to guide me to the church. To the ministers and center heads my deep gratitude for the wise guidances. To all members and full members who listened to my testimony of faith, thank you very much!


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