Regina António – Sumbe JC – Angola

My name is Regina António, I am 38 years old. I was guided to the World Messianic church of Angola in 2005 by brother João Elias, a full member of the church. I give service as the head of the choir group at the Johrei Center of Pedra 1. The reasons that brought me to this path of salvation were bad dreams, night husband and the illness of my oldest daughter.

Suddenly, her whole body got paralysed and she also stopped talking. To solve this problem, we walked to many paths like sangomas, herbalists, churches and hospitals. She was admitted at the hospital for two months but she did not get better. Brother João Elias, seeing my affliction, advised me to receive a prayer from the World Messianic church. At the church I was received by a missionary who, after listening to me carefully, guided me to follow the basic practices of faith:

  • Receive 10 Johrei per day

  • Keep the flower of light at home

  • Have a home vegetable plot

  • Worship my ancestors

  • Guide other people to the church

  • Thank for the Johrei I was going to receive

  • Participate in the morning and afternoon services and in the activities scheduled by the church.

On the first day, I was guided to participate in the Sunday service. I didn’t take my daughter and I also didn’t tell brother Elias that I had a child in coma hidden in the room. The reason for this is that I was ashamed to walk with her because of the bad smell she had. After two days, he came to give me assistance. I didn’t realise he had arrived so, I was unable to hide the girl. When brother Elias saw her, he got frightened and asked me to participate in the march of Johrei together with her. We spent the whole day receiving Johrei. A sister, who is a nurse, advised me to take the girl to the hospital where she worked so the girl could be examined. On the following day, I went with her and she introduced me to the doctor. After the doctor examined the girl, he filled a form of admission to intensive care and handed it to a nurse so that I could follow her to the emergency block. During the walk, I thought to myself:” My God, I already walked so much with this child and didn’t get any result! Brother João Elias advised me to try receiving Johrei. Now again I am admitting her to the hospital. What is going to happen to my daughter? Is she going to die?!” Then, I said to the nurse: “How will I admit her if I don’t have family, as my husband abandoned me? Please, allow me to quickly leave my younger kids at my neighbour’s house. I will come back soon!” I left and went to brother João Elias’s house. He guided me to make a donation with everything I had in that moment, placing the problem in the hands of God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama. I didn’t go back to the hospital. On the following day, he encouraged me to participate in the dedication at the church’s farm. I participated in the activity. When I got back home, since my daughter always stays in the same position, I decided to change her position and after that I went to the kitchen to prepare the lunch. Suddenly, I saw the girl going outside. She was walking, talking and asked for water. I got frightened! I stood up and ran to brother Elias saying: “Father, my daughter is going to die! That’s because she suddenly started walking, talking and asking for water. They say that when a person wakes up from a coma and asks for water it means  the person is going to die!” He asked me to calm down and we thanked God with a special donation for the blessing received. Since that day, my daughter recovered!

To thank for the blessings we received, in less than a month me, my husband and my niece decided to become full members in order to help others the way we were helped!

   The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you is related with the practice of tithing correctly, doing the construction donation, profound cleaning at home and the commitment to make a vegetable garden.

In 2015, I started working as a domestic worker and getting 15.000 Kwanzas. This value wasn’t enough to cover all my expenses, so I would only tithe and wouldn’t do the construction donation. Nothing improved in my life. I was living with a lot of debts and always depended on some family members that helped, as we lived at a rented house. Our life was very hard! I looked for guidance from my superior who guided me to make a challenge of tithing correctly and doing the construction donation. I started with the challenge and instead of doing 10% I did 12%. In relation to the construction donation, I started making a donation equal to half of the tithe. On the following month, my salary increased to 20.000 Kwanzas. Then, on the following month, to 25.000 Kwanzas, in the next month to 35.000 Kwanzas until I started getting 55.000 Kwanzas. Today, I am committed and continue with the challenge. I can no longer stay a month without doing the tithe and the construction donation. With this practice, we were able to get rid of the rented house and now have our own house. We are also able to have three meals a day. Before, we only had lunch!

     About the profound cleaning at home and the commitment on vegetable plots.

I realised that the Center head , together with her team, were making cleaning campaigns at the missionaries’ houses and I decided to take part in this activity.

On the day that the profound cleaning was made at my house, at night I dreamed with my father who I had never met. He left me when my mother was three months pregnant. I am his first and only daughter. They only told me my father was kidnapped during the war and they never heard of him again. After this dedication, I dreamed with my father showing me how he died. He said:” I was buried alive in a hole and I never saw sunlight. Today, through the work that took place at your house, the cover that hid the light was destroyed and now I can see the light! Thank you very much my daughter! Keep following  this path!” My aunt, who is also in the spiritual world, thanked for the work done at my house saying that it generated light and she was able to escape the suffering she was facing!

With this testimony, I learned that the monthly donation and the construction donation are the foundation to becoming prosperous! The cleaning and the flower workshop clarify the spiritual world and the vegetable plot frees our ancestors trapped in hell!

My commitment is to deepen more in the basic practices of faith and to participate in the construction of the Sacred Grounds of Africa, guide other people to the church and make the donations correctly!

I thank the Supreme God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama for the permission given to know this wonderful path of salvation!

To brother João Elias for serving as an instrument to my guidance, ministers and center heads, my deep gratitude for the guidances!

To the members and full members that listened to my testimony of faith, thank you!



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