Helena Nachimpir – 1st of June JC/Luanda/Angola_ENG

My name is Helena Nachimpir, I am 49 years old and  live in the Cacuaco municipality in the Kaulele neighbourhood. I am a full member and give service in the liturgy.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola in 2001, by a doctor, at the military hospital.

The reasons that brought me to the church were my daughter’s illness and marital conflicts.

My 12-year-old daughter had a swollen bladder and felt pain for a week. Seen her suffering, I panicked thinking she was going to die, as I had already lost 3 kids previously. I talked with my husband and we took her to the military hospital. We were attended by a doctor that after the diagnosis told us the doctor specialised to treat that pathology that the girl presented wasn’t there. After all she gave us the transference to the Américo Boa Vida hospital. While getting there we were informed that the doctor specialised in that area was in vacation.

Since she was suffering a lot, on the following day we went back to the military hospital and we were admitted by the same doctor who said: “Look, I have a solution because I also suffered with that disease and everything was overcome when I attended the Messianic church, receiving Johrei! ”. So, I asked for the address and she drove me to the Johrei center of Maculusso.

When we got at the center, my daughter started receiving Johrei, while I was being received by a missionary and after listening to my state of suffering, guided me to do the following:

  • Receive 10 Johrei per day
  • Keep the flower of light at home
  • Give service cleaning the worship hall and the toilet
  • Pilgrimage to places with greater light.

On the same day that the girl received 30 min of Johrei, she felt a reaction in the bladder and started eliminating a lot of blood and pus. I got worried, seen the child on that state! The centerhead told us to go to the hospital so she could be observed. Thank God, when we got there she was admitted. She didn’t need to make a surgery , the bladder got back to normal, the pains were overcome and we were released!

From that moment on, I continued giving service and gained conviction in Johrei. After 3 months, I materialized a donation of gratitude to receive the ohikari together with my 4 kids, to better serve the divine work!

After receiving the ohikari, we purified! My daughter and I, felt a lot of pain and swollen feet. My son started hanging out with bad people and kept fire guns at home without my knowledge . He was always in riots and was already detained by the police. When he was released, he took his father’s gun and gave to his friend. When the father realised, it created a lot of conflict at home. Desperate I went to the Johrei Center to ask for guidance and the minister asked about my husband’s family history. I told him: “My husband told me his father was taking a young man to the village to show them the items that the man had stolen. But, on the way the young man ran away.” My father in law was accused of killing him and tired of the humiliation, he committed suicide. I was guided to make a special donation for his upliftment. After doing the donation, my son stopped hanging with bad people which had driven him to commit illegal acts and now he has got a job. My daughter who was always purifying, got better and everything was overcome.

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you  is related to taking care of members during the pandemic.

I spent three months without giving service and without doing my tithe correctly. I was not feeling well and my business did not prosper. I bought a hectare of land in another neighbourhood. The lease agreement stated that I could pay in credit. Since I did not have time to go there, I gave the money to my brother and asked him to give it to the landlord. However, he only did what I asked him after two months.

After preparing the soil to start planting, the landlord got angry and wanted to give me back the money I had paid him. Besides,  all the charcoal I made from the extracted wood was sold without my permission. I started a conflict with my sister in law as she told the workers to leave because I would not pay them.

Tired of this situation, I went to the Johrei Center to ask for guidance. I explained to the missionary  I was no longer giving service and was not doing my donations correctly. We went to the altar to pray and ask for forgiveness and in the end, I was guided to go back to my starting point and start a salvation network in the area I was practicing Nature farming .

I followed all the guidance. After materializing the donations, the following happened:

When I went to the land, I realized  the workers did not follow any religion and they excessively drank alcohol. As I lost my Ohikari, I read the philosophy of Mokichi Okada and shared a few testimonies of faith and afterwards we prayed.

As a result, they limited their alcohol intake. They told me that because of their work time they did not have a proper rest and they were not being paid. After talking with their boss, they received all unpaid salaries and  were able to visit their relatives. According to them, this was only possible because of the prayers.

Back to Luanda, I sold some of the products I had harvested. After selling these, I bought food to give to the workers. At the taxi stop, I caught a motorbike and the driver deviated from the way telling me he was running away from the police. He wanted to throw me against the wall in order to take all my goods. However, he was the one who fell. I was still on the motorbike  and then it fell on my feet causing small injuries without me noticing. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama I was helped by a man who tried to hold the driver but he said he didn’t intend to hurt me and ran away. I realized that because of  giving service I was protected by God and my ancestors.

The conflicts I was having with the landlord were overcome.

With all these testimonies of faith, I learned that when I practice the guidance received, I gain the protection from the Supreme God. I also learned that the sincere gratitude solves all problems!

With the permission of the Messiah Meishu-Sama ,I have guided 65 people to the church from which 15 received their Ohikari and I am taking care of 5 houses. I am registered, do all my donations correctly and have my vegetable plot.

My commitment is to receive my Ohikari again to give Johrei to people whom I have an affinity with. I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors to guarantee the life and happiness that I have today.

To the reverend, ministers, members and full members who have contributed to my spiritual growth, my sincere thank you!


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