Raquel Nkiambi Camilo -JC Uíge/Angola_ENG

My name is Raquel Nkiambi Camilo. I am 42 years old, a member and give service as the person in charge of the cleaning and reforestation of the Johrei Center.

I was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola on the 19th of March of 2020, by my twelve-years-old son João Mbiavanga Nkiambi, to whom I am very grateful.

The reasons that brought me to the church were: skin infection, excessive consumption of alcohol, nervous system disorder, conflicts and financial difficulties.

I am the father of three kids. Their mother has been in the spiritual world for four years. I took care of the children alone without the family’s help. The younger child was one year old. My situation got increasingly worse since I worked and didn’t have anyone to take care of the kids. After completing the rituals after my wife’s passing, I finally decided to find a new partner, which happened in 2019. So, she started helping me a lot with taking care of the kids at home as a new mother for them.

Since I had accomplished my goal of finding a new partner, I started spending time with a group of friends that consumed a lot of alcohol. Every time we drank, we would end up fighting. On the other hand, I work in a restaurant where the owner, to this day, has difficulties paying salaries. Despite the difficulties, we worked firmly. But, at home, there was an intense lack of food.

It was in this state of suffering that I had the permission to get in contact with the World Messianic Church of Angola. At the church, I was received by a missionary who guided me to do the basic practices of the messianic faith.

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you is related to receiving Johrei at the church and the practice of keeping flowers at home.

It is worth noting that, when I came to the church, I had an infection on my neck and behind my ear that was very itchy and bled.

Besides that, I had difficulties finding another job or even doing piece jobs. My friends that worked with me had the permission to get jobs outside of the restaurant but I didn’t! It was as if I was stuck to the restaurant.

Today, with the practice of Johrei, the infections dried and the friends that drank with me disappeared! I no longer fight on the streets neither in the neighbourhood; now I can tolerate that which was not easy before. I got another job besides the one at the restaurant where I worked.

With the permission I had of finding a new job, I am able to regularly, with gratitude and honesty in my work, feed my children. The people around me, the neighbours, became nice to me and I am very grateful for the way they treat me. I am also grateful for the new path I am taking today and believe my life will change a lot in the future.

I learned with this testimony of faith that the World Messianic Church of Angola is the source of happiness for the salvation of humanity!

With permission from the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and my ancestors, I already guided eight people to the church. I take care of two houses of members, I have the home vegetable plot, I tithe and do other donations regularly.

My commitment is to become a full member to better serve in this great work of salvation and to participate in the construction of the future Sacred Grounds of Africa!

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and my ancestors for the permission to know this wonderful path of salvation!

To the reverend, ministers, missionaries, full members and members who are helping me to fulfil my mission, thank you!


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