Ana Armando Mandamule – Jardim JC – Mozambique

My name is Ana Armando Mandamule, I am a full member and give service at  Johrei Center of Jardim.

I met the Church in 2010, through my sister who heard about the Church, which aroused my curiosity and I started to attend.

The testimony of faith that I will report is related to the importance of gratitude in the midst of purification.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several sectors of work were badly affected and mine was no exception.

I received warnings from my boss, saying that at any time I would be demoted or even fired, for no apparent reason. The strangest thing was that when some colleagues went on vacation, after returning to work, they were informed that they had lost their jobs, and this left me concerned.

When I went on vacation, I was worried the same would happen to me. I prayed to Messiah Meishu-Sama and asked for guidance from the Head of the Johrei Center, who guided me to use my vacation to dedicate even more, striving to do what I could not during my workdays. So I did and tried to fulfill the guidance and detached from the feeling of  losing or keeping my job. I just wanted to take this time to dedicate.

What was my surprise when my boss, who threatened to fire me or demote me, called me to remember the day I would be back to work. I confess that I was amazed by that change and continued to dedicate for the remaining days.

When I started working again, one of my colleagues said that during my absence, my name had been placed on the list of those who would be fired, but suddenly our bosses changed their minds, acknowledging how much the company would spend to compensate me and my years of work and dedication to the company. I came to report this miracle to the missionary, who guided me to thank and continue to dedicate.

Thanks to God and Messiah Meishu-Sama, I feel like I am starting a new job and I am preparing to do my special donation, as a way to materialize my gratitude for this blessing.

From this testimony of faith, I learned that in order for us to have protection, we need to fulfill our mission of serving God.

My commitment is to make my donation of gratitude and continue to strive to comply with basic faith practices.

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama, along with my ancestors for knowing this way of salvation.

Thank you very much!


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