Cristina Evaristo – Cabolombo JC – Luanda-Angola

My name is Cristina Itala Evaristo. I am a full member and dedicate as Head of Sun Group.

The testimony of faith i would like to share is related to the importance of following the guidance received

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was a little worried but Thanks to God, I did my best to pray at Home, do profound cleaning at home and my parent’s house and visit the people I am guiding.

At my workplace, the situation was complicated for 3 months. My company was suffering financial problems, where only the bodyguards were getting paid, making the other employees upset and they warned us, there were going to dismiss employees. I thanked for the purification and did profound cleaning daily, distributed flowers and did a flower and vegetable garden At work.

I did my best at my dedication in the liturgy and following the basic practices of the messianic faith at the Johrei Center. As a result, in September, all employees were paid, the warnings ceased and the owner of the company was able to buy three cars, one for him and others for the company.

In July I purified with Malaria but thanks to God I overcame just receiving Johrei. I materialized my special donation of gratitude and followed the basic practices of faith even more.

However in September, my son-in-law, who is a taxi driver, was assaulted and the car stolen. The owner of the car threatened him saying he would sell his house if the car was not found. My daughter told me what happened so I thanked God with a donation of gratitude at the Johrei Center. The next day, the car was found by the police while the robbers were trying to sell it.

Two days later, my granddaughter had malaria and anaemia and was transferred to the emergency room. I materialized my donation of gratitude and started to channel Johrei to her and other patients. The next day I participated in a profound cleaning with my daughter near the maternity of Benfica.

My granddaughter was transferred to the intensive care unit at Maria Pia Hospital with visiting restrictions. I materialized my special donation of gratitude for the Great Construction with my daughter.

Thanks to God and Messiah Meishu-Sama, after a night, she was released from  intense care and allowed visits. She began to show improvement and went home the next day.

As a token of gratitude I materialized my donation of gratitude for the new life my granddaughter received.

With this testimony of faith, I have learned that Meishu-Sama is indeed the Messiah awaited by Humanity and that we should follow God’s Divine will in any circumstances.

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for showing me this path of salvation!

Thank You!


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