Badanile Mdoka – Pretoria FC – South Africa

My name is Badanile Rebecca Mdoka and I have been a full member for 9 years.

I was guided to this church by Missionary Willeminah Modiegi Mashilo in front of the Johrei centre as she offered me a philosophy of Mokichi Okada

The problems that brought me to this church were sleepless nights filled with bad dreams, financial problems, conflicts, I was about to lose my house because I could not afford to pay it, stomach ulcer that lasted for eight years. I was taking medication every day, in a week I could go twice to see the doctor until the doctor decided that I should go for an operation and he also told me that if I do this operation, I must know that the ulcer can still come back should I fail to follow the correct diet. I started worrying because financially we were not doing fine. I have explained all my sufferings to the Minister then he gave me the following guidance:

* Increase Johrei to 30 per day

*Do the practice of Sonen on a daily basis *00 the profound reflexion

*Do my daily donation of gratitude and tithe and keep flowers of light at home.

I did my best to come to the church every day and follow the guidance patiently and the purification became better.


In 2018 I decided to take my husband and my kids to visit my home in Malelane where I grew up. I have not been to the place for over 20 years and after the passing of my grandmother, I decided to go and visit and also wanted my kids to know where I grew up.

Though we still have my great grandparent’s house no one is staying there, instead the family is renting the house out. So, we spent most of our visit in my Aunt’s house. She and my uncle are the only ones who are left in the village.

I hadn’t seen my Aunt for over 20 years. When she heard I was coming to visit with my family, she was very excited. During our visit she shared a lot of her sufferings with me. She was going through sufferings due to witchcraft and conflicts and couldn’t sleep at night. After hearing her difficulties, I told her about the purification I went through before I met the church, shared my testimony with her and asked if I could pray for her and she agreed.

At first, it was hard for me to talk about Johrei since I knew  she was Christian and I didn’t know how she would react but she seemed very interested about Johrei and I tried to explain a little bit about the church and Meishu-Sama.

The moment I lifted my hands, she started manifesting a lot of spirits, but mostly it was people who are still alive! Some were family members, neighbors, even colleagues who are working with her at school. They were talking about things that they do to her and her children.

Other spirits would command me to stop burning them and close the Johrei; others would threaten me and tell me  they would kill me and asked me why I came to this house because they made sure that no one would visit the house and if someone comes they make sure  they make them sleepy and very lazy to even clean the house. They said that they were watching me the whole day while I was busy cleaning the house but I continued chanting the Amatsu-Norito Prayer until they would leave.

As soon as my Aunt came to herself, I asked her about the names of the people who manifested through her and she knew them. She told me a lot of things that were happening with her. I grew up very closely with my Aunt and I knew her as a very clean, organized and energetic person but the moment I entered her house I was surprised that although her house was very big and beautiful it was not clean. I couldn’t hold myself but started cleaning the house the first day we arrived. Then, she explained to me that she doesn’t have strength and is always tired.

We spent a week at her house and every day I would give her Johrei. We spoke a lot about nature farming and keeping the flowers inside the house. During my stay she bought flowers and she slept better than she used to.

Since then, she never stopped contacting me and she would call me every time whenever she is not feeling well even when she had a mere headache, she would call me and asked for prayers.

This year early January she called me and asked if I could go with her in Northern Cape because her son had a new born baby so she needed to go and help them. She told me that she wanted to come and sleep at my house before we could travel. The moment she arrived, she asked me for Johrei. I was very hesitant because I knew that she was going to manifest and it was very late and I wanted her to rest from the long journey since she came all the way from Malelane by taxis. She agreed and I promised to give her Johrei in the morning just before the morning service at my house.

In the morning, I explained her about the altar at my house and the offerings. We started by doing the march of Johrei in the house before the service, she started to manifest and spirits started to talk and it took almost an hour to do the service. Late afternoon her son came to pick us up with his wife and the new born baby.

The first night the baby didn’t sleep. The baby cried the whole night. I realized as we arrived that the house was very dirty and spider webs were everywhere. In the morning I woke up and started doing the profound cleaning in the house. My Aunt tried to help me but she ended up going to sleep. I realized she was not having much strength because everywhere you touch it was just dirty. I spent the whole day cleaning and praying. My Aunt and her daughter- in-law are not in good terms and her daughter in-law didn’t want her to touch the baby.

On that night after the cleaning, I noticed that the baby slept very well throughout the night . It was unlikely for the new born to sleep almost throughout the night. In the morning my Aunt asked me if I heard the baby crying at night and she was so surprised because she was very worried the way the baby was crying the first night. I explained to her again about the importance of keeping the house clean and the spiritual aspect of doing the profound cleaning. She noticed that the environment was changing and becoming peaceful and harmonious. We also managed to clean the garden together with my Aunt.

For the whole 10 days we had spent at that house, the baby was sleeping well! Even at night, the mother was getting more rest and she started changing her behavior, allowing my Aunt to hold the baby. Every night my Aunt would complain a lot about her daughter-in-law’s behavior. She would wake me up in the middle of the night and ask for Johrei and we would also pray; only then she would fall asleep.

We left her son’s house and came back to my house. I realized that she had a lot in her heart so I asked her if I could call my Minister to come and give her Johrei. She didn’t hesitate to agree. The Minister gave her Johrei, she manifested again and after talking to the Minister, she did her donation of gratitude.

After the Ministers left, she was very excited and said she was feeling lighter. She also told me that she would like us to come and do the profound cleaning in her house, commiting herself to start doing her tithe and preparing people to receive Johrei for the first time when we come. She also said she would do her donation of gratitude to contribute for petrol since she stays very far. Then, she asked for the teachings so she can read it while at home. I guided her to read it every day so she can receive Johrei through the teachings. Whenever I call her, she sounds very happy.


I have learnt that we need to trust in God and not be shy to talk about Johrei and Meishu-Sama. I realized that many people are suffering  and they need to know about the Messiah Meishu-Sama!

My commitment is to continue serving God by spreading the Light through the Johrei, flowers and the Teachings of the Messiah Meishu-Sama and guide people to the church!

I would like to thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my Ancestors for the permission to experience the power of Johrei!

To all Ministers and everyone who is present, thank you very much!


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