Lurdes Chipaco – JC Canata – Angola

My name is Lurdes Chionga Chipaco. I am 24 years old and was guided to the World Messianic Church of Angola by my sisters. Health problems brought me to the Church.

I suffered with bad dreams, insomnia and felt the presence of spirits. At that time, I was living in Huambo province with my husband and thought that my sisters’ Church, the Messianic church, was very strict and had many activities. Thinking that their Church was going to take too much of my time, I remained at my old Church.

I would take a taxi to Lobito( Province of BENGUELA) whenever I felt ill or had bad dreams to receive Johrei with my sisters. As soon as I felt better I would take a taxi back to the province of Huambo. In various occasions, they encouraged me to keep attending the Church in Huambo and would even give me flower seeds to plant at home. I always accepted them but, upon getting home, would throw all the seeds away. Sometime later, I started to purify with conflicts at home. My husband and I fought to the point of throwing objects at each other.

The neighbours even got tired of coming to our aid in such moments. My husband always had the patience to call my family and explain our problems. My sisters prayed for us, did the self-examination of faith and because of that, things would get better. Thereafter, they would guide me to make a donation at the Church, which I never did despite lying to them otherwise. Time passed by and my husband started to drink and use drugs excessively. This worsened the conflicts as he would come home high and hit me every day, leaving marks in my body. Due to this situation, I decided to leave my husband.

At my parents’ home, my sisters took me to the Church where the Center Head guided me to forgive my husband, come back home with the children and start attending the Church in Huambo. I agreed, went back home and started attending the Church. Two weeks later, my husband started to develop mental problems; family members took him to a healer where he stayed for ten days. He came back home but the healer said  he would die if he consumed alcohol or smoked again. For the whole week we followed the medication prescribed by this healer.

My husband did not leave the house and his behaviour started to improve. On the day he was supposed to take his last dose of medication, a friend of him came home for a ride, at about ten am. At five pm I got a call from the hospital saying that my husband was in the reanimation area. I told my mother-in-law and, together with my sisters-in-law we immediately went to the hospital. My husband was already deceased. The friend explained that they had only three beers, after which my husband started feeling ill and had a seizure. He was unable to explain the rest. Thus, the funeral was made. My sisters made the prayers every ten days until the fifty-day mark was reached. During this period, the Center head guided me to come to Lobito. As soon as I got there I made my profound reflection, at the end of which he guided me to give service at the Church’s farm in Culango.

I stayed there for fifteen days and had many dreams with my late husband when he told me to not worry about who killed him and that we should forgive each other. He also said that his family was in great danger and  I needed to help his siblings. This dream repeated itself many times. I communicated this to the Center head who guided me to express my gratitude for the dream with a donation of gratitude and to return to Huambo and help my late husband’s family.

At Huambo, I found that my mother-in-law was sick. She had a seizure after thinking so much about her son and, surprised, asked me: “where have you been that changed you so much?”. I told her that I was at Culango, in the World Messianity’s farm. Then, she replied: “I also want to visit this farm!”. At that exact moment, I called the Center head to tell him what happened and he said we could go there immediately. My mother-in-law called a meeting with her children and said  she was going to Lobito with me and did not know when she was coming back. The oldest daughter said  she was also going with her mother. As we arrived in Lobito we went to the Church to participate in the march of Johrei.

After receiving twelve Johrei, my mother-in-law had a stroke that paralysed her mouth and limbs. She received religious assistance for the whole day with prayers and Johrei; by the end of the day she started to feel better. My mother-in-law managed to do her profound reflection and was guided to visit the Church’s farm. In her first night there, she started to improve considerably. Her arms and face returned back to normal and her eyes, exceedingly red before, also returned to normal. We stayed there for four days and then went back to Huambo. Her children, surprised with their mother’s quick recovery asked: “What Church is this that performs miracles?”. Since that day, all of them awakened and for the second time went to the Church’s farm in Culango, this time with the whole household which totaled ten people. We stayed there for three days and practiced Nature Farming.

I thanked for the opportunity to help my husband’s family and expressed my gratitude for all these blessings with a donation to receive the Ohikari so that I could contribute to the Divine Work more actively. On the nineteenth of December of 2020 I received the sacred Ohikari together with my father, which brought joy to the whole family!

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you is related to the flower workshop.

After receiving the sacred Ohikari I returned to Huambo with my mother-in-law. A family meeting was scheduled as six months passed since my husband had passed away. She invited the Center head to answer some questions about the Church as our change was difficult for the family to understand. On the twenty-seventh of December, we received the Center head and two missionaries and a flower workshop was made before the meeting.

My sisters-in-law, their husbands and my nephews participated in this workshop. The head of the Sanguetsu asked  each one of us  to prepare a flower to place in one of the house’s rooms. We were all filled with joy and at the end an interesting thing happened. My sister-in-law, who lost her father when she was a baby, had a vision of her father when he expressed his gratitude. This surprised all of us. At the end of the workshop, we received the guidance to make ten flower workshops with the profound cleaning in the homes of all the siblings. We agreed to all of us meet in one house at a time until we went to all homes.

One of my sisters-in-law learned to make the flowers very quickly and it was her responsibility to acquire the flowers. We received the permission to visit six houses and this has caused many changes. One of the great miracles, besides the big improvement in the general health of everyone, is related to the changes in the relationships of my sisters-in-law. They used to fight a lot with their husbands and every month one or two of them would leave their homes due to the constant fights to stay with their parents. The other change is that my brothers-in-law consumed a lot of alcohol and were involved in quite a few accidents. Thank God, two months have passed and the fights and consumption of alcohol has reduced considerably. They all support and help each other.

To express our gratitude, we materialize the donations of gratitude, participate at the Church services and I have made an effort to give more Johrei.

With all these changes I learned that, without any doubts at all, Meishu-Sama is the Messiah awaited by humanity!

I learned that nature farming is more than a simple technique: it is a pillar of salvation to change our lives. Beauty transforms our feelings!

My commitment is to make an effort to help people who are suffering and guide the biggest number of people to participate in the construction of the Sacred Grounds of Africa!

I thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for showing me this wonderful path of salvation! To the ministers, Center heads, full members, members, especially my sisters for their patience to never give up on me even when they had reasons to do so and to all who listened to my testimony of faith, thank you so very much!


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