Ermelinda Mapo – Maxaquene JC – Moçambique

My name is Ermelinda José Mapo. I am a full member and give service as an assistant of the moon group.

I was guided to the Church in 2018, in front of the Johrei Center through the flower of light. When I was passing in front of the Johrei Center, a man approached me, offered me a flower and said that it would give light to my path. I asked how a flower would bring light into my life and he invited me to go inside the Church. But, as I was in a hurry, I declined the offer.

I went a few steps further but a voice told me to go back. I went in and we prayed in front of the altar. As I received Johrei, I started having spiritual possessions but, with the aid of the prayer, I got better. I left the Church very happy. On the way home, I found a friend of mine, Rosa Sitoe. I told her  I had visited a very good Church, whose headquarters are in Cumbeza, and I would like her to go with me so she also could visit the Church . We became members of the Church and she also became a full member.

The reasons that brought me to the Church were:

  • Family conflicts
  • Marital conflicts
  • Poverty
  • Disease

I lived for four years with my husband who passed away after an illness. Afterwards, my son and I had no house to stay in so we lived at an abandoned house in our neighborhood for ten years.

My son and I lived only with my late husband’s pension, because I had never worked in my life. Another problem  I had was that even before I was born I was destined to be a healer, inheriting the mission from my maternal grandmother.

Thus, I was subjected to a treatment that made me live in a bush for three months; I had to sleep in my grandmother’s grave! This worried my family and, seeing my situation, they thought  I was going crazy and they wanted to call healers to treat me, but I always said no.

In the midst of this suffering, I started attending the Messianic Church, where I received the following guidance:

  • Participate every day in the six am prayer.
  • Receive ten Johrei per day
  • Give service in the bathroom
  • Do the daily donation and tithe
  • Keep the flower of light at home
  • Distribute flowers

On the day I gave service in the bathroom, when I went back home, someone offered me two-hundred meticais, something that never happened before. Immediately, I materialized a special donation. I started receiving many  blessings. My brother, whom I raised and had not visited me for ten years, came to visit me and started supporting me financially. Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama, the spiritual possessions decreased considerably and I got a job.

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you is related to the practice of Sorei-Saishi .

On the day  I received the Ohikari , I had the permission to get a job, something that I was always looking but, found difficulties to get.

After some time at work, I started to not have time to give service and participate in the dedications and also didn’t do the Sorei-Saishi . As time went by, I started having conflicts at home. I would always fight with my husband for no apparent reason and sometimes we would even get aggressive with each other . At my job, my boss accused me of stealing.

At the end of August , already tired of all the problems, I decided to terminate my employment contract. The same day after that, I went to the church to thank for the purification  I was going through. As I arrived there, I asked the missionary to pray with me in the altar. But, before we prayed, the missionary, seeing me sad, asked me what was wrong and why I had not been attending the church. I said  it was because of my job, but I was unemployed again and could not understand why that was happening.

After my reflection, he asked how my dedication and Sorei-Saishi  were going, if I was taking care of my ancestors correctly and doing my shift in the net of salvation. After these questions, I was able to reflect about all of these points. He talked about the importance of making the Sorei-Saishi  and why we should do it. The talk I had with the Missionary was very important as I was able to realize the things I was doing wrong in my dedications and I discovered the real reason for my purification. After a deep reflection, we went to the altar to ask for forgiveness and to thank the Supreme God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama  and my ancestors for having warned me about those situations. I also made the commitment to do my shift twice a week.

I made an appointment the next day with the person in charge of the Sorei-Saishi for me to renew and enshrine the ancestors I had not done . Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama , hours after I did the Sorei-Saishi , I received a call from my brother who always criticized the church and had negative opinions about my dedications. He wanted to find out about the church so he could start attending it! Thank God and the Messiah Meishu-Sama!

Two weeks later, I called my boss to ask about the possible payment of my salary, even though I was not working anymore. She said that hadn’t  fired me and there was a misunderstanding as the person who stole the goods was my co-worker. She said that  would send me the salary for the days I worked, but it would be okay if I wanted to go back to work!

I once again could confirm that everything that we face, be it purifications or blessings, come to educate us and develop our faith!

Today I am happy and the conflicts that I had at home are being overcome. I made my donation of gratitude for another blessings received and I regularly do my shifts!

My commitment is to work hard in the dedication to guide people to the path of light so they can be saved, just as I was saved  by Meishu-Sama!

I have already guided many people to the church.

To the ministers, missionaries, members and full members, my thank you!


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