Flora Chieme – Boa Vista JC – Bié – Angola

My name is Flora Chieme. I am 41 years old and a member of the church . I met the World Messianic Church on the 28th of April 2019,  guided by sister Rita Inês , a missionary.

The reasons that brought me to the Church were diseases. I suffered from toothache for six years. When I started feeling this pain, two of my children passed away. My husband, upon seeing the death of our children decided to search for a healer in another municipality, who said I should go to her house. There, she said she would treat my teeth.

When she was done with the treatment she demanded her money, but as my husband and I did not have money, she asked us to help finish the adobe construction of her house and that would serve as the payment.

After a few months, while eating meat, I felt the toothache again. My husband and uncle took me to the healer again. Seeing how serious the situation was, she instructed us to go to the hospital. There, I received more than 10 serum balloons, yet we had no results. I can only say that since that day I had not been able to sleep properly again, all the treatments we went to have been a waste of time and money.

My husband decided to look for a church. There, they prayed to me and things did not change, on the contrary it got worse and worse. That’s how we decided to move to Cuito. Arriving in Cuito, the mouth got swollen in a way that later it erupted inside and I started to pour a lot of smelly liquids through my nostrils and I smelled rotten meat.

My husband, desperate, looked for his sister, and she advised him to look for the World Messianic Church because things would get better there. He explained to me the talk he had with his sister, however, I did not believe in the Messianic Church, and  asked: “If the Church is good, why does she not attend it?”. So, I did not accept to look for the Church.

One day, while I was crying with toothache, lying in the yard, Sister Rita, on her return from the Church, stopped by my yard and saw me lying down. She came over and asked me what was wrong. I replied I had a toothache and that it was already on the way for 6 years without a solution. As she had flowers in her hands, she spoke to me about the Messianic Church and asked me to try to receive Johrei every day! During the conversation, I remembered  it was the Church that my sister-in-law had recommended to me. I agreed to go to the church, she gave me Johrei and told me she would pick me up the next day at 5 am.

At the Church, I was received by the head of the Johrei Center who guided me as follows:

  • Receive Johrei daily.
  • Give service cleaning the worship hall and the bathroom.
  • Pray for my Ancestors.
  • Pilgrimage to the places of greater light
  • Drink a lot of water to eliminate the stinky liquids and other smells that I felt.

As soon as I started to follow the guidelines, I started to feel my body gain strength. As it had been years since I had been able to carry a child on my back, on a certain day, I raised my youngest daughter and to everyone’s surprise, I managed to carry her on my back to the Church and I haven’t stopped! The stench has also disappeared.

After a month of attendance, the missionary called to interview me and asked me how I was feeling. I replied that my health was improving considerably, only the neck was burning a lot. He  told me that, first,I needed to thank for the changes that had been happening in my life. He asked me if I had anything  which I could use to thank God and Meishu-Sama . I was thinking: “The money I have at home is what my husband left for food, since he works in another province!” Then, the missionary, as if he knew I had money at home, said to me: “Go home and bring all the money you have there!”. And what amazed me most is that the amount he said, jokingly, was the same amount that my husband had left.

So, I asked myself: “How does the missionary know that I have this amount at home? Did he see it when my husband gave it to me?”. So, I said: “Missionary, I really have that amount at home. But, it is to buy food, because my husband traveled this week and I don’t know when he will return!”. Then, he said to me: ” Please, get it  to thank for all the blessings you have received!”. I asked: ” But, what about the children’s food? They will starve to death!”, He, in turn, said to me: “If they are  hungry, come and tell me that I will give back your money!”.

I confess that I left the Church crying on my way to get the money. I just thought about the children and the money I was about to materialize. When I got home, I went into the room, took the money and started asking myself: “Am I really going to take all that money to the Church?”. So, I started to cry . After crying, and for the children not to ask me, I washed my face, gained strength and went back to the Church. Even suffering inside, I put the donation in the envelope and prayed with the missionary to thank for all the blessings I had received from God and Meishu-Sama!

After a week, he came to my house to find out how the children were doing and asked me what we were eating. I started to laugh and replied that we were fine and that we had never been short of food, by the grace of God! This never happened, because there is always someone who brings us food and some value! We never really lacked anything these days!

From that day I materialized the donation until the present date, the neck never burned again, the pains disappeared and I have been in good health!

The testimony of faith I would like to share with you is related to the construction donation.

At the end of last year, we had a meeting at the Johrei Center, and  it was decided that the members could make a construction donation in the amount of 10,000 kwanzas for the purchase of the windows of  Johrei Center. After the meeting ended, I wondered where I would find that amount. My husband is not working and I do not do business. However, before returning home, I prayed asking God and Messiah Meishu-Sama, to help me materialize this donation.

By the end of January this year, I had made only 60% of the target. At the end of February, my firstborn gave me 5000 kwanzas. As soon as I received the amount, I immediately thought about materializing the construction donation that was missing. I immediately went to the Church and fulfilled it.

The next day, my son said goodbye saying that he would go to Huambo province, to get his merchandise to sell. He arrived well, and made his purchases. On the way back to Cuito, the taxi he was in, collided with a car. According to my son’s report, at the time of the accident, he felt as if someone had lifted him out of his place and  placed him somewhere else. The person who took his place in the vehicle, broke both legs and until today is at the hospital of Huambo. By the permission of God, my son emerged unscathed from this accident! Then, I believed that my firstborn’s life was spared, thanks to the donation he gave me and I later materialized in the church!

From this testimony of faith, I learned that Johrei is really the method of creating happiness and that we should not neglect the practice of donations!

I have guided a person and take care of a member’s house.

I thank God, Messiah Meishu-Sama and my Ancestors for the great permission to know this wonderful path of salvation! I especially thank Sister Rita Inês for all the love she has given to me and my family!

To everyone who listened to my testimony of faith, my sincere gratitude!


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