Maria Vissapa – Benguela JC – Angola

My name is Maria Helena Vissapa. I met the World Messianic Church of Angola on February 2, 2006 through Janeth Zaqueu, a member of the church.

The reasons that brought me to the church were: illness, poverty and marital conflicts. After some time of giving service, conflicts and illness improved significantly and as a way to express my gratitude, I became a full member on May 13 of the same year.

The testimony of faith  I would like to share with you is related to the practice of the deep cleansing.

I recently moved to a new neighbourhood, where there was a dump near my house. As our church activities were reduced due to the pandemic, I decided to eliminate that garbage. I prayed and started cleaning. The neighbours, seeing that situation, started to laugh at me and said : “If you get corona virus, you will have problems with us!”. After listening, I replied: “I’m cleaning,  so that we don’t get sick!”. I continued with this practice for months until I ended that pile of garbage.

One day, seeing my persistence, the neighbours started to change their minds and thank me for my initiative. After that, they started helping me until the street was completely clean! One morning, when I left the house, my astonishment was to see that the same neighbours who criticized me made a sign saying: “Forbidden to throw garbage! Fine of 5000kz.”. I was very happy with the result achieved, because, in fact, the street took on a new aspect. The neighbours awakened to the practice of cleaning in the neighbourhood and I could understand that giving service is to be done wherever we are!

My commitment is to participate in the Construction of Paradise on earth, taking the three pillars of salvation to as many people as possible!

I thank God, the Messiah Meishu-Sama, my ancestors and everyone who has contributed to my spiritual growth!

To the ministers, full members, members, and everyone who heard my testimony of faith, my sincere gratitude!


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